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dusting up old spaces

after sitting idle for more than half a year, this space needs a bit of updating.  if anything, it’s for the two or three people still checking it to see if there’s ever any new post anymore.  truth is, after ten years or so of blogging, i’ve finally come to realized that same stuff just happen again and again.  there’s always a lot of work. one project or another. problems to solve; problems get solved. then every once in a while, we go on vacation.  woopteedooda.

when we bought our place, i thought i would now turn my attention to blogging about home-improvements.  like so many brave DIYers before me, who are all very inspiring and very sharing of the how-tos and thrifty ideas, i was to share my experience too.  well, building renovation turned out to be a big GIANT snore that costs a LOT of money.  endless boring trips to home depot and hardware stores. and no matter what, the pictures don’t look any good.  plus, besides us, who really cares about our old plumbing pipes getting cleaned up or the fact that, finally, we got a proper 3-way light switch in our work shop. sure our brand-new bathroom with fancy all-nickle double shower head is totally great, but i can’t bring myself to write or post about my bathroom even if my toilet is imported from Japan.

so here i am, wondering what to do with my website and how to keep it nice and fresh for my mom and my in-laws. since everything else is on facebook or twitter or flickr or instagram or whatever app is latest and greatest for networking on the iphone – my trusty old website (11 years old this year!) now becomes a spot to dump all the excess information people really don’t need to know about me but can access anyway.  cheers.