ann poochareon

Contagious Media Showdown

May - June 2005
Logo design & initial concept planning for the contest.

July 2005
Site design, layout, programming, and set-up using WordPress as content management tool.

February - June 2005
Integrate a new site design for Popgadget using Movable Type: MT template and CSS coding.

November - February 2005
Database back-end for Eyebeam calendar and events, site reorganization, and custom-built content management system. Layout design for Eyebeam Journal.

Eyebeam reBlog Redesign

January 2005
Integrated Eyebeam's mainsite into reBlog site to increase traffic and exposure to Eyebeam's news and events. CSS redesigned & page layout
Eyebeam Reblog

February 2004
Logo, color scheme, stylesheet design for website.
Fundrace & GoogleRace

November 2003
Logo & website design

Actually, Records

January 2004
Site layout & stylesheet for website.
Marie Sester artist portfolio

December 2003.
Site reorganization and html code clean up.
Hello Kitty is Dead Productions

(on going)
Graphic design

Mango Tribe

Summer 2002 & on-going
Site building & maintenance
miserychick dot net

(on going project)
concept, design, content, etc.

December 1998 - 2001
Print publication: design & book layout
Online publicatioin: design & site building

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