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An inter-departmental Tisch School of the Arts collaboration project, this is my master's thesis for ITP, created with Emily Chang for her master's thesis in the Performance Studies.

"Papermoon" is a short theatrical production using poetry, dance, and video. I co-wrote, directed, and mix the video using real-time image processing software.
Commedia del Arte Performance in Multiuser 3D

This project was presented at SIGGRAPH 2003 conference for sketches & applications, and was one of the feature presentations at Machinima Festival 2003.

In a nutshell, it's a 3D puppet theater. We built two physical controller devices that manipulate 3D characters in real-time. The aim was to built a prototype for a multiuser space, where many people can login, get assigned a 3D character, and control your character however you'd like so that you can, for example, perform a short play using the characters.

This project was in collaboration with Michael Wilson, Todd Holoubek, and others. I did the multiuser and network programming and also performed for the presentations.

Presented by the Guild Complex Chicago and the Chopin Theater, 'Endlessism' was a show consisted of experimental music and videos by 6 musicians and 6 video artists. I curated and mixed the video set.

In collaboration with Actually, Records.
"Sisters in the Smoke"

A Mango Tribe Productions theatrical performance. Sisters in the Smoke is a spoken-word based performance that includes dance, movement, song, video, and focuses on issues of violence against women (global and domestic).

Members of Mango Tribe spreads across the U.S. and have performed at numerous locations around the nation. This particular production were presented as a 4-day run theater performance in both Chicago (Vittum Theater, September 2002) and New York (Here Arts Center, July 2003) to a full-house audience in both cities.

I acted as technical director, video artist, and had a small part on stage.

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