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pretty in pain

an HKID project, in collaboration with Geraldine Chung, Vivian Wenli Lin, and Katherine Copeland. this video looks at the seductivity of beauty and the mentality that gets trapped behind it.


(there's not much to say about this one.)

waiting for icarus

'waiting for icarus' is a poem by Muriel Ruykeyser, of a girl waiting for a lover who never returns. a long, long time ago, i read this poem at a poetry open mic in chicago and somehow it's been stuck in my head ever since.

the poem is read in this video by Kelly Tsai, a def-poetry-jam poet.

what if a much of a which of a wind

one hour of footage edited down to two minutes at four different speed and direction. the assignment was to make a video that shows different camera perspectives of one scene, not using the traditional definition of "perspective" and "scene". traditionally, this video is one camera perspective of one scene. i chose to manipulate time, a dimension unit in which we all rely on so heavily to perceive the world (in the broadest sense of the word perceive). by manipulating time, perspective changes. if the time is sped up, then you're going to see things sped up.

'what if a much of a which of a wind' is a poem by ee cummings. the music is 'glint' by 'hope in ghosts', remixed by jienan yuan.

click here for the video

el you vee

Live mixing of video signals to a song. The cropping, blending, and manipulations of videos are done live and recorded.

Music: LUV by XYZR_KX
Fortunes for Cookies: a Video Diary

This project was a 10-week long video workshop in which seven Asian American highschool teen girls participated in learning how to use digital video as a medium for expressions. We covered basic techniques from storyboarding to shooting and editing. Each student contributed a 2-minute short to the diary, which was output to a DVD.
Hello Kitty is Dead

Narrative video collage of found images,footage, spoken word, music, and interviews. 'Hello Kitty is Dead' addresses the commonly known exotic Asian women stereotypes by extracting representations from mainstream media, questioning and examining the effects they have on Asian women and our society as a whole.

A short video monologue inspired by a stranger on the new york city subway.

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