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FABRICA is the communication research center of Benetton group located outside of Treviso in Northern Italy. Every year, FABRICA brings young artists and designers from all over the world to explore their creativity while living in Italy.

I was awarded a scholarship to be at FABRICA with the interactive department. During my time there, I created the FABRICA's blog, a portal which aimed to spread fresh new artistic and design ideas from around the world while at the same time showcase the Fabrica community's own talent. The site was updated daily, received regular contributions, and had very little editorial control from the administrative offices of FABRICA or Benetton. Over time, the blog reveals the characters and interests of those who were working there and gained a regular readership, becoming valuable communication channel for the organization itself.

Currently other Fabrica students have carry on the torch. The site is still being updated daily.
Contagious Media Projects

I was part of the Contagious Media team at Eyebeam R&D. The aim of this project was to use Internet memes and viral media as a platform for social/political commentaries and messages. The team completed numerous websites on gun-control topics and analysis data relating to the U.S. Presidential election.

presentable links:

The Eyebeam R&D group, led by Jonah Peretty and Michael Frumin, has continued to develop the site and received numerous press coverage regarding the election data that the site exposes.

What is Victoria's Secret

One million hits in a week. Threatened by lawyers. TV spot in less than a month. Continued traffic of 30K users for the past year. Numerous hate and love mails on a daily basis.

This project, done as a contagious media experiment to spread social commentary and criticize the representation of female body in the media and society, was launched during the same week of the Iraq bombing in March 2003. It continues to get traffic in the ten-thousand figure even though the site has never been updated. Content is key.

In collaboration with Katherine Copeland, Josh Nimoy, and Alicia Cervini.
miserychick dot net

Started in March 2001, this website serves as a personal space for various ramblings, journal entries, collection of links, and, from time to time, writing exercises. It is updated, more or less, on a daily basis and clocks unique IP address hits on average at 70 per day.

The site is on its 4th design and is currently powered by b2, using mysql database and php. It has occasionally gotten me into personal troubles due to over exposure of private information, and i suspect that the trend will continue.

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